1. It's Always Personal
People are not mute, passive subjects upon which design exerts its ‘force’. 
The bedrock of design excellence is empathy and inquiry.

2. Technology is Society
The capacity for innovation in technology is determined by its social environment. The social and the technical are indivisibly combined.

3. More with Less
Sustainable development corresponds to maximum impact with minimum means, for the greatest duration of time, for as many as possible, while causing the least harm.

4. Cradle to Cradle

Each project is a temporal assemblage of material and energy resources, ultimately belonging to perpetual closed-loop cycles.

5. Loosely Coupled Systems
Modularization affords resilience by enabling adaptation to changing contexts and needs through the project lifespan.

6. Evolution over Novelty
Rather than reinventing wheels, design should be approached as a holistic accumulation of knowledge. If something works well, do it again, even better.

7. Imagination over Knowledge

That being said, "imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world" Albert Einstein.



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